Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Danica X Bentley Litter Born May 5, 2013


IMG_1207This is the debut for these pups.  They are already 3 weeks now and looking promising!

IMG_1216Granddaughter Keira loves the babies!

IMG_1217Baby boy #1. He is the biggest of the bunch!

IMG_1220Baby boy #2.  Somewhat smaller

IMG_1221Baby boy #3.  Born the smallest but catching up fast!

IMG_1227Baby girl the one and only.  She and boy #3 look so much alike…can’t wait to see how these puppies progress. 

Dani and Bentley made some beautiful puppies!

Pippin X Spencer Litter

IMG_11895 weeks old and snuggled in a bed.  We are finally toddling around and finding our personalities.  Now to start eating from a dish.  Oh no!! Giving up mom will be sooo hard!
IMG_1192I am the smallest girl but I have lots of personality.  I have to work on getting my ears up for the next photo shoot.  But at least all of my siblings have the same look.  Stay tuned to see what the next few weeks bring!
IMG_1196I am #2 girl.  Sweet and lots of cute going on, my ears need some work too.
IMG_1198I am #3 sister.  Hard to tell me from #2 we looks so much alike.  Can’t wait to start showing my stuff at the next photo op!
IMG_1201I am their big brother.  Very handsome of course….just wait for the next pictures.  I will outshine all those girls!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

CH Hihopes Sugar N Spice



This is Sugar at age 11.  She is the dog on the home page of my website.  My first home bred champion.  She left my world in sadness on May 15, 2013.  Sugar I will never forget you….you gave me so many years of joy I hope that I returned the same to you.  Your loyalty and love was your greatest gift.  Rest gently and peacefully.

Pippin X Spencer Litter DOB April 23, 2013



There are 3 girls and 1 boy. These pictures are taken at just under 3 weeks old.  They are now getting out of their bed and starting to try to play.


This is their birthday picture!!  Nice job Pippin, a perfect delivery!